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About Us

Evestra’s management team is building an innovative international biopharmaceutical business by pursuing the following strategy:
· Establish an attractive portfolio of near-term and innovative women's healthcare products that enables Evestra to be the next leader in women’s healthcare product innovation in the US
· Get first market access for product(s) through co-marketing agreements with established players
· Develop new market product leaders in each market segment by targeting high medical need areas, such as reduced rates of deep vein thrombosis in contraception
· Address market needs for long-term products through drug delivery approaches such as vaginal rings and injectable products
· Develop products in a cost-effective matter through global reach
· Finance innovative R&D activities by
· Licensing out development and  marketing rights for innovative women’s health projects for  Europe and Latin America
· Generating income from partnerships around generic vaginal ring products
· Drug development grants from European Union through Polish subsidiary
· Drug development grants from other foundations focused on women’s health issues
· Placements of equity
· Opportunistically utilize internal R&D capabilities to generate innovative non-core assets in oncology and andrology and sell them to finance core activities